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Tok Jewellers also has a full-time certified jewellery valuer in-house. Our valuer has completed his Graduate Diploma in Gemmology and Diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA - the world’s foremost authority in gemmology), and is a member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers. Our valuer can assist you in appraising items for identification purposes, superannuation (including SMSF), estate planning and insurance replacement. Unlike other valuers, our valuer DOES NOT charge a percentage-commission of the value of the item; along with flat rate fees, this ensures a truly objective appraisal. 

A jewellery valuation/appraisal is a legal document that has been prepared by a professional valuer that identifies an item of jewellery or a loose gemstone, verifies its quality factors, lists detailed technical information and establishes a value on the item for a specified purchase.

A valuation/appraisal is useful for people wanting to:

  • Have an item of jewellery insured
  • Prove ownership of an item that has been recovered after being stolen or lost
  • Differentiate between two pieces of jewellery that look identical
  • Verify the authenticity of items
  • Assist police with a description in the event of loss or theft
  • Provide jewellery of similar quality to different people
  • Assess jewellery that has been damaged
  • Estate Planning

Valuations/appraisals can be prepared for a number of different purposes including:

  • Retail Replacement Value: a detailed assessment that estimates the likely replacement price at a traditional retail shop. This type of valuation is often used by insurance companies.
  • Auction Reserve: the minimum hammer price achievable in an ideal auction market, where time is not a factor. This figure does not include premiums or commissions which can vary at each auction.
  • Non-Forced Sale: an estimate of a reasonable second-hand price between a willing buyer and seller in a fair or specialised market without time constraints.
  • Forced Sale: the price that can be expected when an article must be sold within a short time frame in potentially non-ideal market conditions.
  • Second Hand: a value for used items that takes into account the condition, desirability and collectability of the item.
  • Private Sale: a fair and reasonable second-hand price when someone wants to sell an item to a member of the public. In such cases, the valuer acts as an unbiased expert and GST, sales tax or duty is not included in the valuation.
  • Divorce Property Settlement: the Family Court may require a valuation of jewellery in a divorce settlement. Written directions are provided by the solicitors with the valuation usually based on “fair market value”, although this may vary.
  • Deceased Estate: again, written directions are provided by the lawyer or executor of the will, with the valuation reflecting the current market value or the requirements of the will.
  • Quality Assessment: A quality assessment report is prepared for people who require an accurate appraisal of jewellery without a value statement.

Consumers should only accept valuation certificates from a REGISTERED VALUER. The National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV) is the organisation that provides training and education to Valuers. You can check to see if the person providing the valuation service is registered with the NCJV by visiting their website:

It is important to have your jewellery reassessed every 2 or 3 years to ensure the valuation is current. Prices can fluctuate and insurance companies may request up-to-date information, particularly for high-value items. The revaluation also notes any wear and tear and ensures you are not paying excessive premiums if prices decrease.

At Tok Jewellers, our NCJV-registered valuer provides valuations/appraisals starting from $55 per item. Complex items attract higher prices due to the work and time involved in valuing them. Discounts apply when having more than 5 items valued at once. More importantly, unlike some other valuers, we DO NOT charge any percentage commissions on the value of the item. Some valuers charge 1% to 3% on top of their lower base fee. Our valuer charges a flat fee and you will know all your total charges up front before deciding to proceed - this way there is no incentive for the valuer to over-inflate the value in order to increase their commission.

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