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Here at Tok Jewellers, we also specialize in re-designing and remodelling your existing jewellery. We understand that jewellery is a lifelong investment, so we can artistically re-work your old jewellery to provide an updated look.

We understand that jewellery holds a strong sentimental value, so we can gladly reuse your existing gold if you wish. We strive to ensure that re-worked sentimental value metals are put back into the new re-worked piece in full and will return any unused metal to you. 

To discuss further, please contact us.

Of course, you can supply us with your own diamonds & gemstones, however we cannot be held liable for any damaged goods.

If we are doing a complete re-make, yes we can.

Depending on the complexity of the job, re-modelling work usually takes 2 weeks to complete.

Once a design has been confirmed, if you don’t have enough gold, we are able to simply “top-up” your gold using our own. Additional fees apply.

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