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Why are round diamonds more expensive?

We get asked this question every day. When all other factors are equal (weight, colour and clarity), there are a few key reasons why round diamonds are more expensive than their fancy-shape counterparts, and here is why:

  • Demand: there has always been much stronger demand for round diamonds as opposed to any other shape. The old saying of “a circle has no beginning and no end” is often linked to romance and jewellery – people like to symbolise their love and commitment to each other often with a piece of jewellery, and the round diamond captures this timeless link better than any other shape.

  • Higher Losses: when cutting a round diamond from a piece of rough diamond, you tend to lose much more of the rough material than when cutting other shapes. The investment cost needs to be re-captured, hence the higher price for round diamonds versus fancy shapes.

  • Bigger proportions: a perfectly cut 1ct round diamond will face up a lot larger than a perfectly cut 1ct princess cut. The difference in diameter is 1mm – this may not sound like a lot, but in diamonds and jewellery, it is noticeable and significant. Remember this: a perfectly cut 1ct round diamond will always look bigger than any of its 1ct fancy shape counterparts.

So if your partner is raving about rounds, now you know why!

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