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How to get the most value when buying a diamond?

As a jeweller specialising in diamond engagement rings, I am constantly being asked by customers, family and friends, “What can I get for $10,000?” or “How much does a 1ct diamond ring cost?” Let me tell you one thing: I really dislike these questions!

Most people are not aware of the thousands of potential combinations that you can have when it comes to selecting a diamond and ring setting. Selecting the right diamond is a careful balancing act between the different quality characteristics and the customer’s wants/needs.

My philosophy when it comes to diamonds is: pay for the things you can see – size and sparkle. The way I achieve this is by sticking to some ground rules:


  • Colour is king! I always try and keep my customers in the D-E-F colour range. These are the whitest, brightest and rarest diamonds in the world. When they are cut to our high standards, they outshine any other diamond. 

  • Cut matters! Diamonds are all about light performance. The way you achieve maximum light performance, brightness and sparkle is by having the best cut possible. You can easily tell the difference between a diamond that has an excellent cut and one that has been poorly cut. A well-cut diamond makes the diamond appear larger and has the greatest influence on the diamond’s sparkle.

  • Compromise on clarity! This is one area where you can afford to compromise a little. Nearly all diamonds have some form of natural inclusions. As long as the inclusions are not noticeable to the naked eye and they pose no threat to the diamond’s durability, there is nothing wrong with purchasing a diamond in the VS and SI range.

  • Carats please! There is no point having an excellent cut, D colour, flawless diamond if it is too small to notice.

Everyone’s diamond search is unique, so I hope this serves as a helpful starting point in your journey!

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